Humanitarian Operations and Crisis Management


Sushil Gupta

(POMS Executive Director, Florida International University)

The source of knowledge in the Open Innovation age: How Crowdsourcing is changing the game


Giovanni Perronne

(President of Euroma)

Meet-the-editors session

mark-pagell cristina3

Mark Pagell (Editor of the Journal of Supply Chain Management) and Cristina Gimenez Thomsen (Editor of International Journal of Operations and Production Management)

Design Thinking and lean UX in Telco Operations


Jesús Claret Tremps

(Operations Manager at Orange Telecommunications)

Tissue engineering for manufacturing artificial skin: Successful clinical experiences in Andalusia with severe burns patients


Salvador Arias Santiago (Head of the Cell Production and Tissue Engineering Unit of the Virgen de las Nieves & Assoc. Prof. Universidad de Granada)

Tech, Trust & Governance


Vladimir Stantchev (Professor ar SRH Hochschule Berlin and Director of the Information Systems Institute)

New Trends on the Technology procurement in the Spanish Defense

rafaelgonzalez image017

Rafael González Sánchez and María Rosario Garzón

(Commander of the Spanish Navy Intendancy Corps), (Ensign of the Military Corps of the Spanish Army)

Profitability and Productivity on the new Omnichannel retail


Diego de Vicente

(CEO of Modalia)

Japan Smart Society 5.0: Hitachi's Transformation beyond Industry 4.0


Jorge Calvo

(Deputy Dean and Faculty of Strategy, Industry 4.0, Operations Strategy and Business Research at GLOBIS University Graduate School of Management, Tokyo, Japan)

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